About Organic Chemistry

The vision of the Organic Chemistry Division is to be internationally recognized for excellence in discovering new knowledge for the benefit of the sugar industry and develop value added products from Sugar Industries Wastes using innovative cost competitive and environmentally acceptable processing technologies/methods.

Activities of the Division are related to:

  • Teaching Organic Chemistry to post graduate diploma courses in Alcohol Technology & Sugar Technology discipline.
  • Rendering technical advice to sugar and allied fields.
  • Guiding Ph.D. research scholars by undertaking research work on issues relevant to Sugar and Alcohol Industry.

Ongoing Research Projects:

The Division is engaged in carring out research so as to devlop innovative techniques for producing value added products and utilizing waste for useful purposes.
  • Synthesis of Graphene oxide from bagasse
  • Production of invert syrup from cane juice.
  • Analysis of phosphate in sugarcane juice.
  • Use of fly ash as color absorbent

Completed Research Projects:

  • Demineralization of clear juice by ion-exchange.
  • Refining of crude sugar cane wax.
  • Preparation of xylitol from bagasse.
  • Desugarization of final cane molasses.
  • Preparation and purification of high fructose syrup.
  • Preparation of HMF and Levulinic Acid from sugars.
  • Structural studies on seed polysaccharides.


More than 200 papers and reviews have been published by the department in various National and International Journals of repute .