Computer Center , Auto-Cad Lab, Language Lab -:


तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय
Transliteration: Tamaso mā jyotirgamaya
Translation: Lead me from darkness to light

Computer Center

A computer center has been developed in the institute facilitating 35 students at one time. All the computers in the computer center are having next generation i-series processor with the latest operating system of Windows. The center is also provided with high speed optical fiber based internet provided by National Knowledge Network.

The center is designed keeping in view to provide Auto-Cad and Language Lab to impart them latest technology with the latest technique. A batch of 35 students can be accommodated in the computer center at a time.

Auto-Cad Lab

All the computers of the center in the institute has been equipped with latest version of Auto-Cad through Academic Resource Center, Auto-Cad. The students here are trained on Auto-Cad software to have a hands on experience to cope up with the orthodox and latest technology & techniques.

Language Lab

The computer center is also uploaded with the web version of Language Lab software “LearnSOFT Software” with unlimited licenses developed by Learnsoft Enterprise Training (“Learnsoft”). The aim of the Language Laboratory was to help the student to develop their personalities apart from technology, by the way of training them like “ How to face interview” “ How to write formal & informal letters” “ Professional Communication” “ Resume Building” and etc.