About Bio Chemistry Division

The Biochemistry discipline occupies a pivotal position in Teaching, Research and Advisory of all Biological, Agricultural, Fermentation and Environmental Sciences. These fields are incomplete without a sound knowledge of Biochemistry. Recent advances in Bio-technology and its Industrial applications have been possible only due to thorough understanding of the underlying principles of Biochemistry. The department produces students with sound background of theoretical and experimental Biochemistry in the field of Alcohol Technology and Sugar Technology. The students completing their ANSI (Sugar Tech) and DIFAT courses easily find placements Sugar Factories and Distilleries in India and overseas. They also have a very good scope of self-employment.

The Department also offers Ph.D. programme in Biochemistry affiliated to CSJM University Kanpur.More than thirty students have obtained PhD degree under the guidance of staff of the division. The Department also undertakes M. Sc /M.Phil Dissertation /Thesis/project work to desirous candidate.

Our curriculum and courses of biochemistry have been designed to develop skilled manpower in the field of sugar and alcohol production. The high caliber of education which it imparts prepares the students, on one hand to meet the requirement of the domestic as well as global demand of the trained manpower in research / industries and on the other hand equips them to excel as a new generation professionals to face the challenges of the twenty first century.

A Nano Brewery cum Alcohol Technology Training Plant is under commissioning to facilitate teaching and research and to train students on operations in beer and alcohol production procedures practically.

Ongoing Reasearch Projects

The Biochemistry department is equipped with all modern facilities to carry out the research involving various project funded by different government, non- government organization and sugar industries.

  • Use of enzymes for increasing fermentability of molasses.
  • An Investigation of Deterioration Pattern, Biochemical Traits and Fermentability of B Heavy & Final Molasses for Sustainable Ethanol Production.
  • Biochemical Evaluation of Cassava (Manihot esculenta) for Ethanol Production.
  • A Systemic Investigation on Morphological, Yield Attributes & Biochemical Traits of Sugar Beet for Development of Frontier Technology of Ethanol Production.
  • Identification & Characterization of Microbial Flora in the Molasses Sample Collected from the Different Sugar Factories.
  • Systemic Investigations on Variation of Microbial Flora in Sugar Factory Water from Different Sugar Production Stages to Explore the Fresh Water Availability
  • Diversity of Microbial Flora in Sugar House Products.
  • Optimization of Various Factors Affecting Longevity of Sugarcane Juice Preservation”.
  • Production of alcohol from lignocellulosic wastes.

Completed Research Projects

  • Alcohol production from low grade molasses.
  • Sugar factory and distillery effluent treatment.
  • Alcohol production from sugar cane.
  • Biogas Production from cellulosic materials.
  • Distillery Effluent treatment.

Area of Advisory Service

Biochemistry division of NSI Kanpur renders advisory services to the sugar , alcohol and allied industries all over the country and overseas. Some of the broad areas for rendering technical advice are as follows -

1. Consultancy from concept to commissioning of new distillery .
2. Improvement in fermentation and distillation efficiency.
3. Reduction in fresh water consumption and reducing effluent generation .
4. Molasses auto combustion.
5. Effluent treatment problems in distilleries/ Zero Liquid Discharge.
6. Microbial control in sugar factories.
7. Preparation of Detailed Project Report related to Distillery/ETP/ZLD etc


About 320 research papers have been published by the staff of the Division in National and International reputed journals.