Function of Administration Division


तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय
Transliteration: Tamaso mā jyotirgamaya
Translation: Lead me from darkness to light

"Appreciate everything your associates do for the business. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They're absolutely free and worth a fortune." -- Sam Walton

Mission & Purpose

The administration division acts as pivot for the smooth functioning of the organization.

The Division broadly comprises of various sections viz., Establishment, Accounts, Stores Purchase Section, Despatch Section, Office Stores, Central Stores, Chemical Stores, Confidential Section, Legal Section, Hindi Library etc. In addition, Accounts Cell of P&AO is also functioning.

The Establishment Section is responsible for various establishment matters including regulating Service issues/requests of the employees. Assigned Work includes processing of recruitment/appointment/promotion/MACP/pension matters, Recruitment Rules, various Monthly/Quarterly/Annual reports related to the Establishment & Administration etc.

The Accounts Section is responsible for all account related aspects and is responsible for examination and processing of all such matters related to Institute including making payment of salaries and other dues to the staff. The section also processes bills related to payments to various agencies/ service providers/ stationary/ instruments & equipment’s/ machinery providers etc. It also handles audit matters and deduction/payment of various taxes including Income-tax. As well, it prepares proposal for Budget Estimates and Revised Estimates (Non-Plan) for its onward submission to the Ministry.

Stores Purchase Section takes care of various purchases and procurements. Assigned work includes preparation and issuing of Tender Notices / Advertisements / Documents / Correspondences relating to procurement etc.

Despatch Section as its name suggests is responsible for ensuring dispatch of dak from all Divisions and Sections of the Institute.

Office Stores, Central Stores, Chemical Stores and Farm Stores are responsible for storing the items related to them and issuing such items to the Divisions/Sections placing demands for the same. Any procured material/goods are first received by Stores. The Stores is responsible for ensuring that the supplied goods/material is in accordance with the Purchase order.

The confidential section handles matters related ACRs/ APARs of Group B and C Staff and Integrity certificate of Group D Staff. Besides this, it also provides administrative support to the Office of Sr. Administrative Officer, who is also Central Public Information Officer in disposing of work, related to office of Sr. Administrative Officer as well as RTI related matters.

The Legal Section deals with the legal cases filed in/with various Courts and Statutory Authorities, like Labour Court/Commissioner.

Administration Staff List