Tenders Notice

Start Date TENDER NOTICES & DOCCUMENTS/ QUOTATIONS Last Date Download Corrigendum CPP Portal ID Award Details
02-01-2019 Purchase of Power Quality Clamp Meter (with display screen) 21-01-2019 Click Here   2019_DFPD_394629_1
28-11-2018 Purchase of Interactive Smart Board and Projector 18-12-2018 Click Here Click Here 2018_DFPD_384330_1
05-11-2018 Allotment of four vacant units/ shops in NSI shopping complex. 27-11-2018 Click Here    
05-11-2018 Sugarcane cuttting (harvesting) including cleaning, loading and unloading upto ESF from Institute Farm. 07-12-2018 Click Here Click Here 2018_DFPD_377031_1
24-10-2018 Purchase of "Microprocessor mccb based P.D.P. inbuilt". 06-12-2018 Click Here Click Here 2018_DFPD_372746_1
10-10-2018 Supply of AC VFD panel complete with induction motor & I.D. fan for bagasse fired boiler from manufacturers/ authorized dealers/ firms. 31-10-2018 Click Here   2018_DFPD_368372_1
09-10-2018 Purchase of Pulse Electric Field, Polarimeter (Double Wedge) and Sucrolyzer/ Sugar Polarimeter from authorized dealers/ organizations. 29-10-2018 Click Here   2018_DFPD_368001_1
04-10-2018 NSI indends to get its two Research Laboratories furnished. 23-10-2018 Click Here   2018_DFPD_366547_1  
13-08-2018 Purchase of Foam Stability Tester, Friablimeter, Pulse Electric Field, Sugar Process Modeling Simulation Software, Pulverizer etc from authorized dealers/ organizations. 28-08-2018 Click Here   2018_DFPD_350506_1  
13-08-2018 Contact on outsourcing/ contractual basis for providing Man-power -Highly skilled, Skilled, Semi-skilled, Unskilled and other categories at NSI. 04-09-2018 Click Here   2018_DFPD_350428_1  
13-08-2018 Security services on contract basis from experienced and registered agencies 30-08-2018 Click Here      
09-07-2018 Purchase of microprocessor mccb based P.D.P. inbuilt. 29-08-2018 Click Here Click Here 2018_DFPD_338203_1  
27-06-2018 Providing manpower for maintenance during off season and operation during crushing season 2018-19. 30-07-2018 Click Here Click Here 2018_DFPD_334570_1 Click Here
08-06-2018 Supply of Digital DC Drive Control Panel and for repairs of boiler furnace. 01-08-2018 Click Here Click Here    
04-06-2018 Material list and vendor registration form. 20-06-2018 Click Here      
18-05-2018 Sale of sugar (ISS and BIS grade) on "as is where is" basis. 01-06-2018 Click Here     Click Here
16-05-2018 Purchase of Wall speakers, Speaker system, Wireless microphone, podium Online UPS etc., from manufactures/ dealers/ firms. 28-05-2018 Click Here   2018_DFPD_320938_1 Click Here
16-05-2018 To avail shop/ commercial units at shopping complex in the residential colony/ hostel complex at the institute. 29-05-2018 Click Here      
03-05-2018 Vendor technical support for employee indentification system, PFMS, tally, GST challan, bill and revenue for CGST, SGST, IGST softwares. 18-05-2018 Click Here   2018_DFPD_316997_1 Click Here
03-05-2018 Rate contract proposal for chemicals, plasticwares, filter papers and glasswares from reputed manufactures/ authorized dealers/ distributors. 18-05-2018 Click Here   2018_DFPD_317030_1 Click Here
05-04-2018 To avail shop/ commercial units at shopping complex in the residential colony/ hostel complex at the institute 26-04-2018 Click Here      
28-02-2018 Running/ operation of Six nos. Tube wells for supply of water and operation of Three Gensets & supply of Power to main feeder panel. 19-03-2018 Click Here     Click Here
22-02-2018 Manpower Supply-Highly Skilled/Skilled/Semi Skilled/Unskilled and other categories for Office Assistance/ Administration work, Farm/ Agriculture/Horticulture Operation work at Experimental Sugar Factory and Housekeeping work at NSI Kanpur per details 09-03-2018 Click Here   2018_DFPD_296306_1  
01-02-2018 Purchase of Interactive smart board, projector, computer, software, audio system and box as per details 12-02-2018 Click Here   2018_DFPD_288982_1 Click Here
25-01-2018 Purchase of ceiling mount projectors and other accessories as per details 08-02-2018 Click Here   2018_DFPD_286748_1 Click Here
10-01-2018 Purchase of ceiling mount projectors and other accessories as per details 22-01-2018 Click Here   2018_DFPD_281520_1  
03-01-2018 Tender for supply of Foam Stability Tester, Friabilimeter, Pulse Electric Field (PEF) 19-01-2018 Click Here Click Here 2018_DFPD_279839_1  
29-12-2017 Sugarcane cutting (Harvesting), including cleaning, loading and unloading upto ESF from Institute farm as per details 10-01-2018 Click Here   2018_DFPD_278825_1 Click Here