Bio-Chemistry Division

An investigation of deterioration pattern fermentability of B-heavy molasses for sustainable ethanol production-

The study on deterioration of Bheavy molasses and final molasses has been carried out up to 120 days.

For the purpose samples of B Heavy & final molasses were collected from 20 sugar factories from the states of U.P., Maharashtra, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu .

Factory trial on B-Heavy molasses for production of Ethanol was also carried out at M/s Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd., Dhampur, Bijnor from 5-November-2015 to 7-November-2015 which indicated ethanol yield of 282 liters/ton of B heavy molasses.

Use of enzymes for increasing fermentability of molasses:

Initial Studies indicate use of enzymes may result in increase in yield of alcohol by 1-3 liters per ton of alcohol. Cost economics also being worked out.

Alcohol from Cassava-

Research work has been taken up in collaboration with S Nijlingappa Sugar Institute, Belagavi, Karnataka.

Samples of Cassava Chips & flour have been received from Central Tuber Research Institute, Kerala.

Enzymes have also been procured for M/s Catalyst, Noida. Experiments on Conversion of Cassava starch to fermentable Sugars have been initiated.

Organic Chemistry Division

Zeolite from bagasse fly ash : synthesis and its utilization in catalysis..

Experiments have been performed to assess potential of zeolite from fly ash. The isolation and characterization of product is under process.

Graphene Oxide from bagasse: synthesis and its utilization in carbo-catalysis

The work on the synthesis of Graphene Oxide from bagasse and its utilization in carbo-catalysis has been taken up..

Study of fly ash as low cost colour adsorbent

The experimental set up has been established. The fly ash received from different factories have been sieved and dried, K2S2O8 treated fly ash has also been prepared..

Sugar Engineering Division

Dying of bagasse using flue gas from boiler furnace:

Based on the studies made & data collected a paper has been sent for publication describing importance of bagasse drying in chancing power generation.

Gasification of Bagasse-

Trials on gasification of bagasse having a moisture around 30% w/w were successfully conducted earlier at the works of M/s Ankur Scientific Energy and Technologies P. Ltd., Vadorara. Further, studies on a proto type of bagasse gasification unit are being planned..

Cane and/ Bagasse Diffusion process for extraction of juice to assess possibilities of replacing conventional milling process:

Study of different type of Diffuses in working at present in the country has been made. A paper shall be published in the Seminar being organized by NSI & SNSI in April, 2015 at Belgaum (Karnataka).

Physical Chemistry Division

M/s Indian Sugar Exim Corporation Ltd., New Delhi has signed a collaborative research project entitled

“A Study on Methodologies for Conversion of Surplus Condensate in to Suitable Water Resource in Sugar Factories to Achieve Zero Fresh Water Requirements”

During the period data with respect to fresh water usage, effluent generation, treatment and hot/ cold water management was collected from sugar factories situated in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttarakhand. Samples of various streams of hot and cold water collected have also been analyzed for various parameters.

Development of Sensor for determining Staleness of cane:

Studies at various locations of Uttar Pradesh & Maharashtra completed, compilations & analysis of data in progress.

Sugar Technology Division

Process options for producing Sulphurless sugar for technical/ commercial viability.:

After carrying out Lab scale experiments at M/s Lokmangal Agro Industrial Ltd., Solhapur, Maharashtra, further Lab trials were made with the juices available in Northern India so as to ascertain efficiency of envisaged Carbo- phosphotation process.

Cane Juice Clarification by fermenter gases for production of sulphurless sugar.

-After conducting successful trials in tropical region, Lab trials with four different sugarcane varieties produced at NSI farm were carried out in sugar technology division laboratory & the results with respect to juice clarification were found encouraging and comparable to Sulphitation Process of juice clarification..