The institute offers facilities for the analysis of various materials used in the sugar manufactures, sugar and other sugar house products on payment of a nominal fee. Further details can be held from the institute office

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The above charges do not include statutory levies and taxes such as service tax etc. which have to be borne by the factory.


What it's all about...

The institute is also engaged in coordinated research in association with the sugar & allied industries.

Under this arrangement the industry provides research facilties to the institute faculty for research on problems of the factory. No advisory fees is charged.

For further details the Director of the institute may be contacted.



A lot of research has been done in this institute on the various aspects of sugar and alcohol manufacture leading to a number of discoveries.

These were made available to the sugar industry freely and without any restriction. With increasing globalisation and awareness of intellectual property rights the need to patent one's invention has increased.

With this in mind the following the following patents have been obtained. know more


Sugar Standard for the season 2019-20 issued by N.S.I. Kanpur commences from 1st October 2019
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Click here for Sugar Standards Online Procurement (SSOP) Form

As per the Gazette of India No.1675| dated 29th August 2011, (Click here to view the Gazette) every producer of sugar shall procure or purchase the Indian Sugar Standard Grades from the BSS, National Sugar Institute, Kanpur in every sugar season.

Refilling of old empty glass bottles is being discontinued from this season in view of procurement of new series of glass bottles by the Institute. Sugar manufacturers and its users can procure Sugar Standards from the Institute as per their demand without sending old empty glass bottles. Old empty bottles of new series shall be acceptable from next season onwards

Abolition of S29 grade sugar standards with effect from crushing season 2011-12